Fist x Love

He trailed a finger down the reddish, swollen part of her right cheek, and with his lips caressing her ear, he whispered “you are beautiful, Hayisat”. Hayisat sighed as a lone tear fell down her face. He wiped it off with a kiss and stared deeply into her eyes “I’m sorry, my love. Your face should be adorned with my lips and kisses instead of my fist. I have no excuse, no explanation for this. I’ve ruined you, I know. But don’t leave me. Don’t take your battered heart from me, though battered, I love it. Don’t leave me, moonlight”.

Hayisat scoffed in her head, the same lines all over again, the same alcohol stench once again. She broke into a sob, how lucky of her to be loved by a drunk.


The Na(t)ive Song

Verse 1:

He told her he cared a whole lot for her,

that his only desire was to just hold her hands,

he told her she meant a whole lot to him

And given a chance, he would surprise her.

She believed.

He left.


Hear the sweet tongues

who need no honey abi money to bribe you

The ladies are cunning

The men are foxes

This is our native Song

Hear how loud the naive ones sing

Verse 2:

She was at a loss of words and could not fathom how it happened.

Should she have asked when he said he needed her, if it was forever or for the minute?

But he promised she was the reason for his existence,

How come he left her and he was still alive?

Oh! When he said he would do anything for her, she should have asked him “What gangan?!”


Hear the sweet tongues

who need no honey abi money to bribe you

The ladies are cunning

The men are foxes

This is our native Song

Hear how loud the naive ones sing

La Concubina

I spent the night in my Concubine’s arms,

dreaming of my Beloved.

My Concubine knows of my love for my Beloved

yet he hopes I shall give up on my Beloved.

My Beloved! who knows about my Concubine

for more often than not, He stands just right outside the door

while I go in with my Concubine.

Every time my Concubine goes away, I solely look into my Beloved’s eyes and I find all I thought my Concubine has and more! But when he comes back again, my gaze shifts! oh heart, so fickle!

His Love fills me with shame; how He looks at me with such love and tenderness in His eyes and calls me ‘Dearest’ and how He whispers into my heart “Despite your unfaithfulness, I still love you”! Oh Ishi!

How can you love this Gomer? When I remember how much my Beloved has spoken to me about my likeness for my Concubine, I’m filled with so much anguish at my disobedience and disregard for my Love.

Mio marito, how much more will You take?

As loving as You are, I know how just You are also

yet, I keep going back to my Concubine and He sees it all, You see it all.

Oh Ishi!

Ishi! How much more can my Beloved take? How much more?

Talking to my Beloved is no longer the same for His love is so pure and mine has become tainted by the marks of my Concubine.

“I will cut my ties with him” I’ve said a zillion time.

my Beloved smiles and stretches forth His hand to help for every one of the zillion times

but Shame stops me every single time and I refuse Ishi’s help… Ishi who knows me completely and totally!

But now, I will don on the gift He gave to me the first time we met.

I will strip myself of my Shame and Guilt and even my Pride.

I will go to my Ishi! my Beloved, empty of my “self-proclaimed” essence and accept His help.

I will run to Him.

I will run to my true Love’s arms

Oh Ishi



  • Ishi- hebrews My Husband

No one else, L’Amour

L’Amour, I may have kissed many others but no one can be compared to You. Their kisses were as of death but Yours breath Life into me. I crave Your kisses for Your Love is better than wine. Permit me to say this, I’m drunk in Love with You.
   Those embraces, please overlook it all. I should have known there were times I ought to refrain from embracing. Though the difference is clear now for when Your left hand is under my head and Your right hand doth embrace me, I feel on top of the world. You overwhelm me with Your loving kindness,El Elyon.
   And when I also leaned against them and sought a safe place within them, I found none for they could not even encompass me but You! You are my rock and my fortress. You’ve led me and guided me, Yahweh Ma’oz.
   I’ve let many others in,who left with a chunk…after chunk of my heart but not You! You asked me to open my mouth wide and You filled it. You also fed my hungry soul with goodness. You never send me away everytime I come to take my fill of Love until the next morning, El Jireh.
   I’ve written for many before but writing for You is the only one that satiates my heart. I’m sorry for those times it seemed I picked the others over You but Yahweh, there was absolutely never any other than You. None can be compared to You.
   For all the times I’ve left Your Presence, mio Dio, I’ve come to realize that:
   And I’ll post this for the world to see how much You’ve done for me…but surely after I read it to Your hearing. I hope You like it,Abba Father.



I’ll write a private one where only the two of us can see…and also in my heart.
I’ll write a second one where the whole world can see.
There, I’ll write how much stronger I was immediately I discarded my fantasy of ‘us’. How I couldn’t wait to dispose off your contacts. How I could barely remember the last time I saw you.
There, I’ll write how giddy with happiness I felt. They won’t know my tears or the tear…in my heart. I’ll write how I explained the message to you and how you understood it perfectly well. No one would be the wiser.
There, I’ll write exactly why we couldn’t work out. Why we were like the bats…you know, showing off at nights but too sacred to be seen during daytime.
I’ll write of how we had so little awkwardness between us afterwards. I’ll write of how we could just flow smoothly with no egos and proud hearts.
I’ll write. Then show them all.
Seep. Seep in. Seeping.